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     *Section V. text is in English first, followed by Haitian Creole and Spanish.



Each summer South Jersey is host to 6,000 migrant workers during the blueberry harvest from mid-June through late July.  Statistics are from Department of Labor reports and from our observation when visiting area migrant camps.  About 1,600 of these workers are of Haitian descent.  Many of them travel here by bus, from their homes in southern Florida.  The Haitian migrant workers along with approximately 100 children reside in several camps near Hammonton.

About 4,400 Hispanic workers arrive every summer, traveling to NJ from Mexico, from Central America, and from other states within the U.S.  As with the Haitian population of migrant workers, some Hispanic migrant workers bring their children with them.  About one third of the Haitian migrants are women.  A smaller percentage of Hispanic migrants are female.

Teens and adults work in the fields, in the heat of the day, seven days a week.  School-aged children attend a migrant education program five days a week.  There is a separate migrant education program in the evenings, for youth up through age 21.  A few of the younger adults are enrolled in college and are working during the summer to help pay their tuition.  Migrant workers who were born in the United States speak English.  Many of the migrant workers who are middle aged or older have a limited ability to communicate in English.  In the camps where English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are offered in the evenings, workers of all ages participate.
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Founded in 2010, Migrant Worker Outreach (MWO) is a small 100% volunteer organization.  Our mission is to welcome migrant workers to New Jersey.  We visit twenty-five to thirty farm labor camps in June and July, in Atlantic, Burlington, and Camden Counties.   We publish the  Migrant Teen Journals, coordinate English as a Second Language classes at migrant camps in the evenings, and facilitate the involvement of other organizations, groups and individuals in outreach to the migrant population.  We are Community Partners with Stockton University.  Although MWO is not a faith-based organization, our work has been supported by the United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church, Temple Beth El, and Spanish Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church, all of Hammonton,  Red Lion Faith Chapel, Haitian Baptist Church of Willingboro, Faith Presbyterian Church of Medford, Medford Friends Meeting,  St. Peter's Episcopal Church, and Jewish Community Center of Cherry Hill, among others.  Our work has also been supported by students in public and private schools, by public libraries and by local businesses. 

Our English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are supported by the Rotary Club of Hammonton, and by several South Jersey churches.   Volunteers teach outdoor evening English classes at migrant camps during the blueberry harvest in June and July.

Adult and teen volunteers help collect and sort clothing and bedding to distribute at the camps.   Other volunteers assist with activities we organize at the camps and with field trips for children and adults.

Many volunteers assist with writing, translating, and publishing our free journals, which are provided in Spanish, Haitian-Creole, and English. The journals are distributed at camps throughout South Jersey. The English edition of the 2011 Migrant Worker Journal (our very first journal) may be accessed by clicking on the 2011 Journal tab on the top right of this page, just under the heading with our logo.  Since the journal includes photos, it may take a few minutes to download.  Other tabs will take you to our list of board members & committee chairs and to our blog.

We have three FaceBook pages:
                              Migrant Worker Outreach of South Jersey
                              Migrant Teen Journal
                              Latino Migrant Teen Journal

We are still in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) non-profit status. Our board meetings, open to the public, are held once a year and are announced in the Hammonton Gazette, in the Civic News section.   Our next meeting will be at six p.m. on Tuesday, April 25, 2017, in the Atlantic County Hammonton Branch Library in the meeting room.



1. To arrange for a speaker to present to your club or organization,
     contact MWO Director, Dory Dickson, at (609) 969-2480.

2. Consider joining one of our committees.  All of our work begins at the committee level!

3. Your group may elect to "adopt" one of the camps, by preparing refreshments or one of the
     following: hygiene kits, art bags, laundry supply bags, home made pillow cases, or some other
     welcome gift for the workers and their families.  *You might also choose to "adopt" a pregnant
     mother or a mother with young children.  Contact us for more information if you would like to
    "adopt" a mother.
4. Participate in our clothing drive.
     BELOW find TWO lists:
     *Priority Request List
     *Complete List of Requested items.

Priority Request List:

*We collect NEW ITEMS,
   or used items which are clean in good condition, with NO stains or tears.

Socks (for adults & children)
Wash cloths
Cotton bandana kerchiefs

Playing cards, Dominoes
Yoga mats, Beach mats,
5-gal. Plastic buckets

Towels (Especially beach towels!)
Sheets, pillow cases

*Sizes Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large
Adult T-shirts & Summer weight polo shirts,
Baseball caps, kerchiefs, straw hats, all summer hats
Swimsuits for youth ages 5 - 17

*For questions, or to arrange pick up of donated items, call: Dory Dickson at (609) 969-2480.


Complete List of Requested Items:
*This list also includes the prioritized items listed above.

*We collect NEW ITEMS,
   or used items which are clean in good condition, with NO stains or tears.

Socks (for adults & children)
Wash cloths
Cotton bandana kerchiefs
Crayons and Colored markers
Drawing paper
Fabric & Notions
Toothbrushes: (No toothpaste)
Small packs Kleenex or wet wipes

Playing cards, Dominoes
Fly swatters & Insect repellent
Flashlights with Batteries
Scissors & Sewing kits
Clothes pins
Powdered laundry detergent: (No liquid detergent)
Reading glasses, Sun glasses & Glasses cases
Canvas luggage, Book bags Backpacks, Gym bags, 
Tote bags, Pocketbooks, Purses, Fanny packs
Yoga mats, Beach mats, Stadium cushions
Milk crates & Chair cushions
5-gal. Plastic buckets with or without lids
Clip boards, Radios, Alarm clocks
Can openers (electric or manual)
Small plastic end-tables
SMALL Toy cars & Trucks, Marbles & Action figures:
    (NO plush toys and NO board games)
Packing tape, clear garbage bags
Small & Large Zip lock baggies
Chairs for our outdoor English classes:
    (All types of Folding chairs, clean & in good condition)
    Wooden chairs, Metal chairs, Lawn chairs, Beach chairs

FOOD ITEMS: (Please arrange ahead for timely pick up of ALL food items.)
Sealed boxes of peanut butter crackers
Canned fruits & juices
Bags of Rice & Bags of Beans
Fresh Produce must be picked up & delivered on the day it's harvested:
    tomatoes, peppers, squash, & broccoli
From the grocery store: plantains, pineapples, coconuts, sweet potatoes/yams, onions

Towels (Especially beach towels!)
New wash cloths
Sheets, pillow cases & pillows
Light weight blankets: (Must be new or freshly laundered; and No quilts)


 *New, or clean, in good condition, with NO stains or tears
* For Men, Women, & Children
 *ONLY sizes Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large  
 *Including formal attire for worship services

T-shirts, long sleeved cotton shirts,
Summer weight polo shirts,
Slacks, jeans, & shorts
Short sleeved & long sleeved cotton blouses
Cotton summer skirts and dresses
Sweaters and light weight jackets
Sweatshirts, Neckties, Belts, Kerchiefs
Baseball caps, straw hats, all summer hats
Swimsuits for youth ages 5 - 17
New socks for adults and children
Footwear: Shoes, sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, Dress shoes – but NO high heels

*We have received a request for a working washing machine.  If you have one to donate,
   we can arrange to have it picked up.  From time to time we also receive requests for
   working refrigerators.

*For questions, or to arrange pick up of donated items, call Dory Dickson at (609) 969-2480.

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Other groups, agencies, and individuals serve the Hammonton, New Jersey area migrant population. For years, local groups have organized outreach to migrant workers and their families. Traditionally, church groups have been among the first to visit migrant camps.    St. Monica's Catholic Church of Atlantic City (now closed) held regular services twice a week at one of the larger migrant camps, during the harvest. *Since St. Monica's closed, the Catholic Diocese has continued this outreach.  There is a food bank at St. Joe's Catholic Church in Hammonton. New Hope Community Church of Marlton, and Calvary Chapel of Hammonton hold regular worship services at the camps. Verlandieu Marcellus of Pennsauken Gospel Hall teaches bible study at several different camps on successive evenings.  The Presbyterian Church of Hammonton offers English as a Second Language classes at the church, year round, and they have a food bank and a clothing cupboard to help needy families.  The Presbyterian Church also has a Spanish service.  First United Methodist Church of Hammonton has had a long-standing outreach to farm workers and their families, especially during the Christmas season.  Temple Beth El of Hammonton and Jewish Community Center of Cherry Hill collect items for MWO to distribute to migrant families.  Several area churches, including Spanish Pentecostal Assembly of God, have Spanish worship services and Bible study. 

Southern Jersey Family Medical Center
sends nurses and a medical van to the camps to provide medical screening, health education and assistance setting up doctor appointments.

PathStone, with offices in Vineland & Hammonton, offers re-location support to migrant workers who wish to make New Jersey their permanent residence.  This includes job training and assistance finding housing and employment.

Migrant Education, which is operated by the Gloucester County Special Services District
, covers nine counties in South Jersey.  Programs are offered for pre-schoolers, for school-aged youth, and for young adults who meet certain criteria.   Outreach workers from Migrant Education visit migrant camps to speak with parents and youth about the summer programs.

Stockton University, Kramer Hall and MWO co-hosted the first Migrant Teen Conference in the summer of 2015.  Hammonton Art Center and MWO co-hosted two Art Nights for Farm Workers.  Hammonton Family Success Center welcomed migrant teens for a visit.  Hammonton High School students and staff have worked on several impressive projects to welcome migrant workers.



The information in this section is given in English, followed by Haitian Creole, and Spanish:     

*Migrant workers, and those who serve them, are invited to submit original articles to our post office box or by email, including announcements, opinion pieces, recipes, poems, stories, drawings, reviews of books, plays, music, and sports, notes on camp life, and letters to the editor. Submissions may be written in English, Haitian Creole, Spanish, or French; you may provide your own translation, but it is not necessary. We reserve the right to edit letters by shortening them, and to decide whether or not to publish your letter.  All submissions must incude the author's name and contact information, including phone number.  If you cannot be reached, your piece will not be published.  It's okay to use a friend's cell phone number, if you have access to that phone.  For those under eighteen years of age, you must also submit written parental consent.  By submitting an article, you are freely granting Migrant Worker Outreach (MWO) the right to publish all or part of the piece in the Haitian Migrant Worker Journal, the Migrant Worker Journal, and in any subsequent publications, without compensation to you.  You are also granting MWO the right to share your piece for publication or distribution in other media, without compensation to you. _______________________________________________________________________     *Nou envite travayè migran Ayisyen yo, ak moun ki ofri sèvis pou popilasyon migran an pou soumèt atik oswa anons pou pwochen edisyon an.  Ou kapab ekri atik ou vle soumèt la nan lang Angle, nan lang Kreyòl Ayisyen, oswa nan lang franse; ou kapab bay tradiksyon pa ou, men sa pa nesesè.  Sijè atik w’ap soumèt la ta dwe nan enterè popilasyon migran an, epitou yo ka gen ladan yo pwezi, fiksyon, entèvyou, esè, nouvèl, kòmantè, yon revi sou yon liv, resèt ak desen oswa ilistrasyon komik.     N’ap kontan resevwa lèt ou voye ba editè a.  Nou gen dwa edite lèt la, oubyen rakousi li pou’n ka pibliye’l, epitou nou gen dwa pou deside si pou nou pibliye lèt ou oswa si pou nou pa pibliye li.     Tout atik ou soumèt yo dwe gen non otè atik la, ak nimewo telefòn ou, oubyen nimewo telefòn zanmi ou, pou nou kapab kontakte ou.  Pou moun ki poko gen laj dizwitan, ou dwe soumèt konsantman paran alekri, pou nou pibliye atik ou.     Lè ou soumèt yon atik, ou akòde Migrant Worker Outreach (MWO) oswa Òganizasyon pou Travayè Migran an otorizasyon pou pibliye yon pati oubyen tout atik la konplè nan Jounal pou Travayè Migran Ayisyen an, ak nan lòt piblikasyon tou, san ou pa resevwa konpansasyon.  Ou akòde MWO tou dwa pou divilge atik ou a pou piblikasyon oswa pou distribisyon nan lòt medya, san ou pa resevwa konpansasyon. _______________________________________________________________________     * Trabajadores migrantes y las personas que les ayudan son invitados a traer artículos al buzón de correo o por correo electrónico, incluyendo anuncios, opiniones, recetas, poemas, historias, dibujos, comentarios de libros, juegos, música, y deportes, notas de campamentos, y cartas de los editores. Las sumisiones pueden ser escrita en inglés, en español, en francés, o en criolla haitiana; puedes proveer tu propia traducción pero no es necesario. Nos reversamos los derechos de recortar los escritos y decidir si podemos publicar o no su carta. Toda la sumisión debe incluir el nombre del autor(a) y la información de contacto y número de teléfono. Si no puede ser contactado, su carta no podrá ser publicada. Esta bien que pueda usar el número celular de un amigo(a) si está disponible. Para los que son menores de dieciocho años tiene que tener permiso escrito de los padres. Cuando someta un artículo, usted está gratuitamente autorizando La Organización para Los Trabajadores Migrantes (MWO) el derecho de publicar todo o parte en el programa de Noticias Gratis para Los Trabajadores Migrantes, Diario de Los Trabajadores Migrantes, y en publicaciones posteriores sin compensación para usted. También está concediendo MWO el derecho de compartir su artículo para publicación o distribución a otros medios de comunicación sin compensación para usted.
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